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Moving Out and Ending Your Tenancy

How much notice must I give when I want to end my tenancy?

Distillery flatsYou must give us at least 4 weeks' notice in writing that you intend to leave your home and end your tenancy. If you don't give 4 weeks' notice you will still be charged for rent up to the four weeks. This does not apply to transfers or exchanges. Please ask your Housing Officer for information about transfers and exchanges.

If you are a relative or a friend of a tenant who has died, then you must also give notice. Please click here for 'Help and advice for relatives or friends of tenants who have died'.

Once you have given notice, your Housing Officer will write to you to acknowledge your notice, and to tell you what you must do next.

When do I stop paying rent?

Rent must be paid up until the day your tenancy ends.

All keys must be returned by 10am on the date your tenancy ends. Failure to return your keys on time will result in additional rent being charged to you.

What should I do about improvements I've made?

In many cases any home improvements or fittings you have installed will become the property of the Association, and must be left in good condition and/or good working order when you leave. Please click here for details of 'Carrying out Improvements to Your Home' or ask your Housing Officer for more information.

In some cases you may be able to take items with you, providing you replace them with whatever fitting was there before.

You will be visited by a member of the Association's Technical staff to inspect the property before you leave, and they will inform you of any repairs you must carry our before you leave, and what fixtures and fittings should be left.

If any improvements are not in good working order when you leave, or you fail to reinstate original items, you may be charged the cost of the work we have to carry out.

You have to make good any items that are your responsibility which are broken or in disrepair. If you don't, we will do the work and you will have to pay for it.

Will you compensate me for major improvements I'm leaving behind?

You may be able to get compensation for certain types of improvements - please click here for details of 'Carrying out Improvements to Your Home'.

What about removals?

Before returning the keys, make sure that:

  1. All furniture, carpets and belongings have been removed, unless you have the prior written agreement of the Technical Officer. All items left in the property without permission will be disposed of within 24 hours.
  2. All cupboards, sheds etc. have been emptied and any keys handed in.
  3. No rubbish or unwanted items are left in your garden.

If you have furniture which you no longer need, please consider contacting Lochaber Environmental Group's refurnishing project on 01397 705707. They may be able to take away furniture for recycling.

The Council has a special collection service to collect large items - e.g. old sofas - on a Wednesday, by arrangement. You should telephone the Council on 01397 707256 to arrange collection, and put your rubbish out for collection the night before. Remember: fly tipping is illegal, and offenders can face fixed penalty fines or even imprisonment.

If you have moved and left rubbish and unwanted items behind, you will be charged for the cost of clearing them.

Always check your removal firm's insurance cover before allowing them to move your furniture.

If you are doing your own removals, check if your household contents insurance policy covers you for any damage during removal.

Other things that need to be done.

Contact your electricity supplier to arrange for your meters to be read before you hand in your keys.

On the day you move, remember to turn the water off at the stop tap and the electricity off at the meter.

Please arrange to have your mail redirected. The Association cannot accept responsibility for mail delivered to your home after you leave.

Useful Contacts:

The Highland Council Special Collections
01397 707256

Lochaber Environmental Group Refurnishings Project
01397 705707

Lochaber Citizens Advice Bureau
Dudley Road
Fort William
PH33 6JB
Tel: 01397 705311

Scottish Water:
tel: 0845 600 8855
Customer Service tel: 0845 601 8855



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