Estate Walkabouts

To help ensure that Lochaber Housing Association estates are kept in good order, the Association are introducing an estate scoring system together with estate walkabouts in all our areas.

As well as our housing management and maintenance teams, we plan to invite tenants, community groups and councillors to attend. Where the Association has mixed tenure properties, Highland Council and private owners will be invited. By including everyone, we aim to give a fairer and consistent assessment of the condition of our estates, whether this be in a town or rural setting.

The Association have already been carrying out estate walkabouts in some areas, rating the standard of many aspects of the estate from grounds maintenance and fencing to graffiti. A report is then produced from which actions are noted and works orders raised where required. The new estate scoring will introduce a rating system which grades the estate and identifies areas for improvement.

Over the coming months we will be visiting areas to carry out assessments and we will contact you when we will be in your area. If you want to become involved and have a say in how your estate can be improved, this is your chance to do so.