Lochaber Housing Association

Grounds Maintenance

Who carries out grounds maintenance?

The Association's grounds maintenance contract is put out to tender, and is awarded on the basis of competitive quotes. We aim to get value for money, whilst providing a quality service. Our contractors are local to the areas, and we monitor their work closely.

How often will the grass be cut?

Our contractors will cut the grass 16 times every year, and if the grass is over a certain height they will pick up the clippings. They won't cut the grass if it is very wet, but will come back to cut it once it is dry.

If the grass or ground is damaged while being cut we will repair it within 2 weeks.

The contractors will pick up any litter before cutting the grass, and will also carry out litter-picks in between grass cuts. If the contractors miss your grassed area or miss picking up litter, please contact the Association's maintenance team and we'll make sure the work is carried out within 1 week of receiving your complaint.

How often will you cut the hedges?

Our contractors will carry out shrub-bed maintenance 6 times each year, and this includes hedge cutting, and keeping any planted areas tidy.

What do you do to look after the trees?

The trees are assessed every year, and we prune trees when they need it. If a tree needs attention - for example thinning out branches, please let us know, and we will check it and decide what work needs to be done.

If a tree is a danger to lives or property we will arrange to remove it within 24 hours.

Will you keep paths and other areas free of weeds and moss?

Yes. We spray all weeds on paths, drying areas, seating areas and play areas once a year in the Spring.

We will arrange for the removal of moss on paths, drying areas, seating areas and play areas within three weeks of it being reported to us.

How do I get large items of rubbish uplifted?

The Council has a special collection service to collect large items - e.g. old sofas - on a Wednesday, by arrangement. You should telephone the Council on 01397 707256 to arrange collection, and put your rubbish out for collection the night before. Remember: fly tipping is illegal, and offenders can face fixed penalty fines or even imprisonment.

If you find rubbish dumped in a communal area, please let us know. If you know who has dumped the rubbish, please tell your Housing Officer. We will try to recover the cost of removal from whoever dumped the rubbish and also inform the Council and/or the police where appropriate. This helps keep the costs of managing your home down.

Useful Contacts:

The Highland Council
Lochaber Area Office
Lochaber House
High Street
Fort William
Tel: 01397 703881 Fax: 01397 704016
Freefone 0800 393 811
Service Points:
Acharacle tel: 01967 431487
Fort William tel: 01397 707256
Kinlochleven tel: 01855 831663
Mallaig tel: 01687 460027

Lochaber Citizens Advice Bureau
Dudley Road
Fort William
PH33 6JB
Tel: 01397 705311

Special Collections: tel: 01397 707256



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