Lochaber Housing Association

Help and Advice for Friends or Relatives of a Tenant Who Has Died

When someone close to you dies and you are responsible for sorting out their affairs it is a difficult time. We will deal sensitively with any enquiries you make.

The following advice may be helpful:

  1. Advise us straightaway. As with all our tenants we ask for 4 weeks' notice: this will give you some time to clear the property. Rent will only be payable on the last 2 weeks, so if you can clear the property and hand in the keys within 2 weeks, no rent will be charged.
  2. Tell us when you hope to remove the keys and, on your authorisation, we will remove any items in the property you wish to have cleared.
  3. Remember to get the electricity meter read before returning the keys.
  4. Keys should be handed in by 10am at the end of the 4 week period to avoid another week's rent being charged. You will be given a receipt for the keys at Reception.
  5. If there is a balance on the account when the notice period ends we will either refund the balance, or if there is an outstanding balance we will send you a letter within 3 weeks, advising you of the amount due. We would only expect payment if there is an estate out of which monies can be paid; please let us know.

If there is furniture which you do not wish to keep, please consider contacting Lochaber Environmental Group's refurnishing project on 01397 705707. They may be able to take away furniture for recycling.

You may find the following contacts useful:

The Highland Council
Lochaber Area Office
Lochaber House
High Street
Fort William
Tel: 01397 703881 Fax: 01397 704016
Freefone 0800 393 811

Cruse Bereavement Care
Tel: 01397 705100

Lochaber Citizens Advice Bureau
Dudley Road
Fort William
PH33 6JB
Tel: 01397 705311



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