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Swapping Your Home

Can I exchange my tenancy?

As a Scottish Secure tenant, you have the right to exchange your home with another Scottish Secure tenant - of any landlord - provided both you and the person you want to exchange with have the written consent of your landlord.

Landlords can refuse permission to exchange where:

  • Legal action is being taken against the tenant for breaking the rules of the tenancy (this includes where a Notice has been served)
  • The house was provided by the landlord in connection with the tenants' employment
  • The house is designed or adapted for tenants with special needs, and the exchange would mean that there was no longer a person with special needs living in the house
  • The exchange would cause overcrowding or under-occupation

What happens if I find someone I want to swap homes with?

If you wish to exchange your tenancy, you should contact your Housing Officer to request permission as soon as possible.

Both you and the person you want to swap with must complete separate exchange forms and return them to us. Your Housing Officer will arrange for a member of our Technical staff to visit you within 4 weeks of receiving your form. They will let you know if any repairs are your responsibility and must be done before you move, and if there is anything that will be yours to repair or maintain at your new home.

We will then tell you in writing within 1 week of our visit if you can swap homes. If we agree to your swapping homes we will arrange for you to sign up for your new home within 3 weeks of our visit.

If you have rent arrears, or other problems with your tenancy, we may not approve the exchange. If your exchange is not approved, we will write to you within 1 week of our visit to let you know the reason why your exchange has not been approved.

What happens if the exchange is with another landlord?

If you find someone to exchange with who is either a tenant of another Housing Association, or of a Local Authority, we will have to send them a report of our visit to you. We will also have to wait for a similar report from them on the people you wish to exchange with.

Once this has been done and the exchange has been approved by both landlords, it will proceed in the same way as an ordinary exchange.

If I exchange what should I look out for?

Although exchanging is a quick way to find a move, there are things which you must bear in mind.

You should have a good look around the home you wish to move to. This is important as you may become responsible for any outstanding repairs, alterations or improvements carried out by the outgoing tenant.

Do not agree to move until you are satisfied with the home you are taking on. Equally, you must leave your home in a good state of repair. Failure to do so may result in your being recharged for work we have to carry out after you leave.

You must wait for written approval from us to say you can move. Do not move without it: if you do, you may have to move back.

And remember; if you have the Right to Buy in your old home, it may be changed by your move. Please ask your Housing Officer if you would like more details.

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