Tenancy Changes and Consultation

Lochaber Housing Association has made changes to our Estate Management Policy and Procedures along with our tenancy agreements.  We recently discussed and consulted with Your Voice members who supported the changes and our Board of Management have accepted the policy change. Tenants can also comment on the following changes by emailing housingmgt@lochaberhousing.org.uk or by contacting their Housing Officer:
David MacLaren 01397 709233
Melody Robinson 01397 709236

The following two sections have been amended in our Scottish Secure Tenancy and Short Scottish Secure Tenancy with the changes in bold;

2     Use of the House and the Common Parts and Telling Us About Changes to Who Is Living in your Home
2.1   You must take entry to the house, occupy and furnish it and use it solely as your only or principal home. You are entitled to have members of your family occupying the house with you, as long as this does not lead to overcrowding.  In using your property solely as your only or principle home, you are not allowed to use any part of the property or land for the purpose of AirBnB or Short Term Holiday lettings.

2.4   You and anyone living with you must not run any kind of business from the house. However, if you ask us, we may give permission. See paragraph 10.2 of this Agreement for more information about doing this. If we give permission, we may also increase your rent.
Lochaber Housing Association will not authorise the business use of any of our properties for Airbnb or short-term holiday let, either the renting of a room, the construction of any outbuilding on our land or use of a whole property. Any such use would be regarded as a breach of tenancy. This may result in anyone using their property unlawfully, at risk of losing their home through legal action. In all cases the Association would further pursue all legal costs.

10      General Provisions
10.4. Estate Management
Lochaber Housing Association has a comprehensive Estate Management Procedure that ensures the conditions referred to in Section 2 & 3 of the Tenancy Agreement are met.  

Estate Management Policy
Estate Management Procedure
LHA Model Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement