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Welfare Reform - Universal Credit

Universal credit is a new way of paying benefits. It brings together several different benefits and combines them into one monthly payment which goes straight into your bank account. Under universal credit you'll be expected to either look for work or take action to find work.

Universal credit is made up of a 'standard allowance' and potentially five extra 'elements':

  • child element and disabled child additions
  • childcare element
  • carer element
  • limited capability for work element
  • housing element

Claims for universal credit will be made and managed through an online account. If you can’t get online then there will be support to help you make a claim. This may be offered face to face on high streets, or by a telephone helpline.

It's very important that you provide the correct information in your universal credit claim. If you get an overpayment because of wrong information in your claim you could be fined up to £50.
When Universal Credit is introduced all payments will be made direct to claimants via a bank account, Post Office accounts are not accepted.  If you do not have a bank account and think you may struggle to get one contact your Housing Officer for help & advice.

Most new claims in Scotland for Universal Credit will start from April 2014.

The Association will continue to support our tenants through the changes in the benefit system.  Contact your Housing Officer if you require further information.

Download more information about Universal Credit »

Download Scottish Welfare Fund Myth Busting Q&A »

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