Annual Assurance Statement 2019

The Board of Lochaber Housing Association confirms that we have reviewed and assessed a comprehensive bank of evidence to support this Statement and we have gained the necessary assurance that we require to confirm that Lochaber Housing Association complies with the Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management and the requirements of Chapter Three of the Regulatory Framework (2019).

The evidence which supports this Statement includes:

  • Reports about performance in key areas including finance, service delivery, asset management, development and risk
  • Key governance documents including Board and Audit Committee papers and Minutes
  • Internal and External Audit Reports
  • Advice from external and specialist advisers
  • Reports from our Agents and our subsidiaries
  • Tenant Scrutiny Processes
  • Benchmarking Information
  • Reports, advice and information from senior staff

The Board has been actively involved in the development and assessment of the evidence bank which brings together information that the Board monitors and oversees on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  We are satisfied that Lochaber Housing Association has effective measures in place to provide the Board with the information it needs to be assured of continuous compliance and to enable us to identify any changes to our compliance in order to make the necessary notifications to the SHR.

In assessing the evidence, we have adopted an improvement focus which has enabled us to develop an Improvement Action Plan which we will progress during the course of the year.  We have reviewed the identified actions in the improvement plan and are satisfied that all are intended to deliver effective improvements to enhance our current arrangements and that none are material to our current compliance with the Regulatory Framework.

In reviewing the evidence and assessing compliance, we have taken account of good practice advice and we have obtained external support to provide us with additional assurance that our approach is effective and robust.

We confirm that this Assurance Statement is being published on our website on the same date that it is submitted to the SHR.

As Chair, I was authorised by the Board at a meeting held on 7 October 2019 to sign and submit this Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator which confirms that Lochaber Housing Association is compliant with the requirements of the Regulatory Framework. 2019

H Donaldson (Chair)  7 October 2019