Report a Repair

What repairs am I responsible for?

You must take reasonable care of your home, and it is your responsibility to report any repairs or faults to us straightaway. If you have applied to buy your home then we will only carry out the basic repairs the law asks us to do. Once you have bought your home you are responsible for all repairs. You are responsible for any alterations you make or agree to take on as part of an exchange.

If you are a sharing owner, there are different rules about what repairs you are responsible for.

You are also responsible for any repairs that are a result of deliberate damage, unless the matter has been reported to the police, and you can provide us with an incident number. Please see our leaflet on rechargeable repairs for further information.

How should I report a repair?

You can call in or telephone the office on 01397 702530 and ask for the repairs section.

You should give your name, address and as much detail as you can about the problem.

You will be asked to let us know when you will be available to let our contractor in to your home. If you need to change these arrangements, you must let us know within at least 24 hours for routine repairs so that we can rearrange the time with the contractor. Please note that you may be charged for broken appointments.

How long will it take for you to carry out the repair?

Repairs are categorised into different priority groups. These range from 24 hours to 90 days, depending on what the problem is. When you contact us we will tell you what priority the repair is, and within what timescale you can expect the contractor to attend to the problem.

Examples of different types of priority repairs are given below:

Emergency (24 hours):

  • Loss of all heating
  • Loss of water

Urgent (3 days):

  • Toilet not working (where you have more than one and the other is working)
  • Where you have no hot water on your night rate, but you can get hot water from the boost immerser

Routine (7 days):

  • Faulty light switch

Standard (20 Days):

  • Leaking gutter
  • Windows catching

Non Urgent (90 Days):

  • Paths where there is no danger
  • Fencing

What should I do in an emergency?

During office hours you can report emergency repairs to the office on 01397 702530. Outside normal office hours you should phone 01349 886691 for our out of hours service.

Emergency repairs are ones which are needed to avoid serious health and safety risk, or prevent serious structural damage to your home. They include burst pipes, fire damage and blocked toilet drains. The emergency repairs line is for genuine emergencies only and if works can wait, then you should phone during office hours. However, if you are in doubt, you should phone and give the operator as much information as possible and they will be able to advise you if your repair is an emergency.

We usually respond to an emergency within 4 hours, but definitely within 24 hours. Sometimes only a temporary repair will be carried out with the full repair being carried out soon after.

Right to repair

LHA tenants have the right to have minor urgent repairs carried out within a given timescale under the Government’s ‘Right to Repair’ scheme.

What is the ‘Right to Repair’ scheme?

The ‘Right to Repair’ scheme enables tenants to have urgent, minor repairs which affect health or safety completed quickly.

The Scheme also provides for tenants to be compensated where such repairs have not been completed within a prescribed period.